14 Reasons Parents Are Destroying Their Kids Without Even Realizing It

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14 Reasons Parents Are Destroying Their Kids Without Even Realizing It



Creating a Daily Mood Journal

Creating a Daily Mood Journal
By: Samantha Steiner

For those of you who are anal about keeping track of all things mental health like, how you have felt during the day, what symptoms you had and so on… a mood journal is for you. All you need is a notebook and pen, both your pick. You can keep track of as much as you want or of as little as you want. Think is YOUR mood journal. You don’t even have to show it to anyone unless you feel like you. Sometimes it is best to let your therapist glance at it once in awhile so they can see you where you at. Continue reading

Monthly Bipolar Mood Tracker

Good Morning,

Click Here For My Monthly Bipolar Mood Tracker

I am not entirely sure if this will open for everyone but this is worth a shot. This is something I created for myself using MS Excel to help track my moods since they were all over the place at times. I haven’t used it for awhile now so I know I would need to update it to make it more relevant to my needs during this stage of my life. Continue reading