What Do Dreams Really Mean?

I had a dream about a big new house. It had many rooms and we all went outside. We had a huge pool that connects to the ocean. It was night time and we were all talking by the pool. All of a sudden two Dolphins came and were dancing happily in front of us. It was night time. Ally and I walked to a gas station down the road. Continue reading


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You Will Always Be Missed

I decided I will share my story of what happened to my children’s father. Our story begins way back when I was just 14-years-old. I had a friend tell me this cute boy moved to town and she wanted me to meet him because I was sad, she thought it would cheer me up. I remember that day like yesterday, even down to the flip flops that I was wearing because he loved them so much and complimented me on them. I went up to my old elementary school in the playground to meet him. I was very shy at first but after talking with him for a little bit I felt very comfortable. We went for a walk together and ended up going into the woods by my house. We sat on a log and talked for hours. Once it was dark he walked me home and gave me a kiss goodbye; this was the beginning of our love story. Continue reading

My Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day on vacation, I’m in Ocean City, Maryland. I usually come down here every summer with my four children and boyfriend. We absolutely love it here. There’s just something about this place. I’m dreading going home tomorrow. I was here back in August, so this is my second time coming out here this year here. I usually have to deal with the kids arguing and being stressed out on vacation, but this time was much different. Continue reading

Project Save Hamp: Day 1

Project Save Hamp: Day 1

Let me start by saying this: this is not my typical blog post, but a friend of mine has an injured beloved family pet and with 4 kids she had to play the role of a very good vet. And because she has 4 kids, and well, our economy sucks, she couldn’t afford a vet so she had to do a lot of research to become Google certified to help save Hamp. So, to show my support we (my friend, the wonderful newly graduated vet Dr, Jazmine) and I are doing Project Save Hamp. (donations welcomed but not necessary 😀 ) Continue reading