Fad Diets and How They Could Be Making You Gain Weight


Fad Diets and How They Could Be Making You Gain Weight

By: Samantha Steiner

Quick weight loss fad diets are in right now and they have been for a while. Celebrities use them, TV reality stars use them, and they always seem to be glamorized by the media for a fast and effortless way to lose weight quickly. It seems like they are the perfect quick fix. Especially if you have a specific occasion or event coming up such as a wedding, birthday, holiday, vacation, or prom and you need to lose that last 5-15 pounds. Who wouldn’t want to take the easy way out when your event is only two weeks away and you haven’t had the time or chance to eat a well-balanced diet and hit the gym more than once? How bad could these diets be, right? They must work, after all, it seems like everyone you know has tried at least one of them. Continue reading