15 Brutal Honest Whisper Confessions From Polygamist

This article is Part 2 from my previous Whisper ConfessionsFrom Polygamists article. Part 1 did very well so I have high hope for this article. I still need help getting it circulated, however, so I would appreciate it if you could click on my article link below.

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15 Inappropriate Baby Pics Moms Should Be Ashamed Of (Article Link)

This is my latest article which was just published today. It is about the inappropriate time’s moms has taken their children’s pictures. Things like a parent putting their baby on an inflatable pool chair while they were napping… and leaving them there alone in the water to get a snapshot. Or tattooing a baby… It’s pretty interesting to see the things that parents have done just to get the perfect picture. CLICK HERE to be redirected to my article on the BabyGaga website! Help me get views and ger this article circulated! Please check it out, and then share for others to enjoy!



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Only Trashy Moms Shop At Walmart: 15 Pics That Prove It (Article Link)

This is my latest article. It is not meant to offend anyone, it is meant more for a laugh. Although some of them seem really mean. But I still think they’re hilarious. Check out my article and see what it’s all about. CLICK HERE to be redirected to my article on the BabyGaga Web page. I would appreciate anyone that can help me get this circulated.

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I Miss My Dog

Last night I was in bed by 1am but I didn’t fall asleep until closer to 4am. I just kept thinking about Max and about how much I really miss the little guy. His birthday was on November 20. I hope that Bit*h at least got him a gift or some treats or something. Between my phone, my tablet and my computer I must have gotten 5 or 6 different alerts. That really stung. It was a reminder I didn’t need to see. Thinking about my dog and how much I miss him, just makes me want to cry sometimes. He was a member of my family that was literally stolen from me. Continue reading

14 Whisper Confessions From Moms Who Sabotaged Their Daughters Marriage- Article Link


This is an article all about Whisper Confessions from mothers who purposely sabotaged their own daughter’s marriage. CLICK HERE to be redirected to my article on the BabyGaga website.

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15 Moms Who Gave Birth To The Most Babies- Article Link

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I have another article that got published today. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to my article on The BabyGaga website. It’s all about moms who had an unbelievable amount of children. You will never guess what the record is because I never even thought anything like that was possible! Please help me get this article out and circulating.

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The Chaos Instilled In Me

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for a few days now, but I kind of overbooked myself with articles.  It has been taking me forever to create them when that usually never happens. I had to force myself to write these past few days. My mood still goes up and down constantly to the point where I can longer figure out how many times it changes in a day anymore. Continue reading

15 Craziest Things Dads Have Seen In The Delivery Room- Article Link

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This is my latest article which was just published like 30 mins ago. Its all about the dads and the things they have seen during the labor and delivery process. Some of it is enough to gross almost anyone out! CLICK HERE to be redirected to my article on the BabyGaga website!

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I Don’t Know If I Am Strong Enough

•••I Don’t Know If I Am Strong Enough•••

If my spelling/typing are horrendous, it is because I am using my cell phone to blog tonight, or shall I say morning since it’s almost 4 am? Lol. I had to stay up late again tonight because, for the life of me, I could not find one person to proofread my article for me. When it’s someone else’s writing I can easily spot their errors, but when it comes to me trying to proofread my own writing, I end up overlooking so much.

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Is One Mom Enough? 15 Pics Of Polygamists- Article Link

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This is my latest article which was published today just an hour ago. This makes article #74 for me!!! This article is based on 15 different pictures, and I just basically write more information about each one. CLICK HERE to be redirected to this article (which is on the BabyGaga website). I would really appreciate it if whoever can, would check out my article and share it.

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You Will Always Be Missed

I decided I will share my story of what happened to my children’s father. Our story begins way back when I was just 14-years-old. I had a friend tell me this cute boy moved to town and she wanted me to meet him because I was sad, she thought it would cheer me up. I remember that day like yesterday, even down to the flip flops that I was wearing because he loved them so much and complimented me on them. I went up to my old elementary school in the playground to meet him. I was very shy at first but after talking with him for a little bit I felt very comfortable. We went for a walk together and ended up going into the woods by my house. We sat on a log and talked for hours. Once it was dark he walked me home and gave me a kiss goodbye; this was the beginning of our love story. Continue reading

What Do I Do From Here?

I have not really been writing on here, not because the mess of my life has dulled down but more so because I really don’t know how to feel right now. I don’t know if I am up or down or somewhere in between half of the time. I don’t know if what I am feeling is wrong, or even justifiable anymore. So, with that, I guess I’d rather not say anything more than needs to be said. But I can’t keep being like that either. I am already pretty isolated, so why isolate myself further? Continue reading

15 Women Who Broke Breastfeeding Records- Article Link


This is my latest article and it was published a few days ago. Please Click Here to be taken to my article on the BabyGaga website. I appreciate it if you could check it out. Click, read, and share!

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15 Whisper Confessions About Moms Who Are Jealous Of Their Daughters- Article Link

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This was just published today not too long ago. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the article on the BabyGaga website. It’s Whisper confessions all about those moms out there that are jealous of their daughter for whatever reason. Please check it out!

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15 Secrets About Growing Up In A Polygamist Family

Hey Guys,

This was published the other day. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the article on the BabyGaga website.

Now that, that is out of the way. Please Note: let me say that I by no means intend on offending or insulting anyone by this article. It was more the ‘rules’ within fundamental polygamist communities from information that I had gathered that more so came from various articles from people that had ‘ran away’ from or were tossed out of these said communities.

This is an edit from the original version and some keywords were taken out or sentences rephrased during the editorial process of this article. So, please try not to get too mad at me. 

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Crystals War: Rodent Vs. Woman

Ok, so this is a very randomized post but I found this hilarious. My sister, Crystal, saw a mouse in her house (look I can rhyme!) and wrote a nice note for everyone else in the house to warn them that it’s about to get real and that the war is on. 😀 The picture below shows how serious this matter is! 😀


I just could not resist posting these. Either my lack of sleep is starting to get to me, or this is truly hilarious. Why have I not thought about doing these every time I saw a mouse? 😀 I  Love my little sister!!


Stuck In The Negative

Mike brought something to my attention that I surprisingly have not realized myself. I have not had one single post, for months now, that has not been depressing. I can’t help it though because, as I have said before, my life fell to pieces starting in August. As much as I have had some good moments, I have not had one single day pass by in the past three months where I have not struggled with feelings of depression. I guess that’s pretty sad, but it’s true.  Continue reading

Perception Of Time

During the daytime hours, I seem to be just fine. The depression that I have been feeling lately isn’t as gripping. But once the sun goes down and I am left with my own thoughts, that is when it seems like my depression is in full effect. I think about everything whether I want to or not. I’ll also usually shedding a few tears. Until I can get my emotions in check my mother still has control over me. I don’t know how to get my emotions in check, though. Continue reading

15 Of The Worlds Youngest Grandparents: Article Link

Hey Everyone,

This is my latest article. It was just published on BabyGaga.com less than 15 minutes ago. It’s about 15 young grandparents. The youngest being 17-years-old! In loving memory of my own grandmother, since she was only 37-years-old when she became a grandmother (I was her first Grandbaby) she made the list and is #9: Joann Charles. Sadly, she passed away in 2012. Another one that made the list was an old co-worker of mine. With her permission, she made the list as well for being 39-years-old. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to my article and check it out. Also, remember to share!




I finally heard from my mom for the first time in weeks, and it was all for money. So I asked her if she planned on giving me my dog back and she said she had him to the vet and that he had a broken rib and I’m sitting here like I know I didn’t break his rib and did she actually even take him to the vet? I told her she owes Jazmine an apology and she said she doesn’t owe Jazmine anything. And I think that’s a no to getting my dog back. Continue reading