15 Secret Places On Earth That Still Remain A Mystery: By Crystal Bassler- Article Link

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This is a really awesome article that my sister, Crystal, has done for BabyGaga’s sister site, The Richest. She really needs some views on this article. It talks about Area 51 and tons of other cool places. So please show her some love and click on the article below. Click, Read, And Share! Continue reading


BabyGaga Author Profile: Crystal Bassler

Crystal’s Author Profile For BabyGaga



So, my little sister, Crystal, happens to also be a writer for BabyGaga.com. So I figured that I would post up her BabyGaga Author Profile as well. She has some pretty great articles out. So please check out her profile and show her some love!

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12 Things That Change With Baby Number Two: By Crystal Bassler

12 Things That Change With Baby Number 2

Article By: Crystal Bassler

The first baby is always difficult we don’t know what we’re doing, and we’re constantly making calls to our pediatricians after every little cough and sneeze. So, naturally when it comes to having baby number two most of us think, “been there done that, we knew what we are doing this time around,” but do we really? Having a baby can be stressful, to begin with, but having a baby and having another child (or maybe multiple children) on top of it can be way more stressful. We thought we were sleep deprived before? Well now, coffee is becoming our best friend. Suddenly everyday tasks like showering, shopping, cleaning, and cooking become that much more difficult. Continue reading

10 Signs That Labor Is Near: By Crystal Bassler


10 Signs That Labor Is Near

By: Crystal Bassler

Throughout pregnancy, most expectant parents wonder, “How will I know when I am really in labor.” Gynecologists tell pregnant women to wait to go to the hospital until they are having contractions five minutes apart, but every pregnancy is different and not everyone will have the same signs that labor has begun. It differs greatly among many women. Some people may think that when they go to their appointment and hear that they have begun dilating and that they will be having the baby any day, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes women can be stuck between 1-4 cm dilated for weeks before labor begins. Continue reading