Looking For A Writer

Hey Guys,

So I am looking for an author/writer for this site. Unfortunately, I cannot pay much at the moment since this site does not bring in any revenue yet. But I am getting ready to upgrade to the highest packages with the most features. I need to get more articles and content on here in the meantime so that people actually have something to read other than the three articles I was able to get up last week and the links redirecting everyone to BabyGaga’s site. I can basically “tip” people as of right now for writing content, and we can work something out.

Knowledge of WordPress is not necessary but it is helpful. I would take on all the writing myself, but with writing 5-6 days a week for BabyGaga, it gets kind of tricky and I just don’t have the time to produce as much I would like for this site at the moment. If anyone is interested please let me know. You can either leave a comment on this post, message me on facebook, or send me an email @ CleverThoughts3@gmail.com. Even if you are only able to write one thing that would be helpful to me right now.





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