18 Whisper Confessions: My Sibling Is Marrying My Ex


18 Whisper Confessions: My Sibling Is Marrying My Ex

By: Samantha Steiner

A family is a group of people that are supposed to have your best interest at heart; they are supposed to be there to love you unconditionally and to support you. Every family has their dysfunctions, and some just happen to be a little more obvious than others. Sibling rivalries can get intense at times. Some siblings fight over their parent’s love, or who gets more attention, or other ordinary things like that. Siblings have also been known to share things amongst themselves whether it’s a private joke, their clothing, and apparently even ex’s.

That is when things can start to get tricky, and one sibling may even feel like their brother or sister just stabbed them in the back and twisted the knife in deeper. Siblings can share a lot, but sharing an ex can tend to cross the line. Especially when one relationship had ended badly or one relationship started well before one even came to a screeching halt.

What makes that situation even more sticky, is when a sibling gets engaged, or married to their brother’s or sister’s ex. That can bring the situation to a whole new playing field. It can only get worse from there. Here are 19 Whisper confessions about siblings marrying their sibling’s exes.

18. Turned Down


This poor fellow just cannot seem to catch a break. It seems that a few years ago he proposed to a girl that he obviously had some intense feelings for. I mean, why else would you propose to someone, right? This girl rejected him and turned down his proposal, only to wind up marrying his brother a few years later. This poor guy said that he guesses she must have been holding out for his brother.

Not only was he turned down, but for his own brother. That has got to sting a bit. This guy is probably feeling some way that is unimaginable. When you love someone enough to propose them, for them to just end up with someone that was probably telling you, “It’s okay, bro, I’m sure you can do better.” During the entire breakup, it would only be natural to feel betrayed.

17. Finding Out On Facebook


Sometimes a family will intentionally hide things from another family member until they find out what’s really going on by other means, and that is what happened with this guy. He said that his brother just proposed to his ex-girlfriend. He said that he was unaware this his brother and his ex were even dating and that he had to find out through Facebook. Unfortunately, that is how a lot of people end up finding out about things: social media.

While social media can be completely fun and harmless, to others it can simply ruin their day, their week, their month, or even their life. At least it may feel like it is ruining their life at the time. If this poor guy had to find out about who his brother was dating via Facebook, then they brother, and the ex really doesn’t deserve his time and attention anyway.

16. They’re Engaged Now



This is completely messed up for this poor guy, but unfortunately, things like this seem to happen more than we realize. This guy had a complete betrayal by the girl that he used to date. His ex-apparently admitted to him that the sole reason she even dated him in the first place, was to get closer to his brother. Now that’s harsh. The least she could have done was like the guy think that he actually meant something to her. However, it is better to know the truth than to be fed a lied.

I guess it is related to that whole keep your friends close but keep your friends closer type situation. Someone people only want one thing from you, and when they get it, they leave you in their dust.

15. Lost A Sister, And A Best Friend


Guys sometimes seem to take it easier when they find out that their best friend or even their sibling has started into a relationship with someone they used to date. Women, on the other hand, don’t take the news as well and find it as an ultimate betrayal. There is some unspoken girl code that all guys are aware of, and that is: do not get with my ex, ever! Even when a female says it’s okay to date their ex, or even just their crush, it really is not okay.

Do not ever pursue a relationship with your best friend, or sister’s ex-boyfriends, or in other cases their ex-girlfriends. This heartbroken girl said that he sister is not only dating but is engaged to her ex-boyfriend. She said not only has she lost a sister, but she lost a best friend as well.

14. It Still Hurts


A woman can be over someone, yet still feel hurt when certain situations arise regarding their ex-boyfriend’s. This is completely horrible for one sister to do to another sister. This hurt woman said that her sister happens to be getting married to her ex-husband. That completely crosses the line.

An ex-boyfriend is one thing, an ex-fiancé is another, but an ex-husband should completely be off limits. She said that he sister actually stole her ex-husband’s number from her cell phone at their wedding, nonetheless. She said that she is over her ex-husband, but that it still hurts. In most cases, it will hurt too. This is a horrible thing for one sibling to do to another. This girl most likely had to sit through the wedding as well and watch someone that once vowed to love her, vow to love her sister, of all people.

13. Hoping It Ends Terribly


Most people on this list have said that their brother or sister has gotten into a relationship with their ex, but none of them have really said how they hope the relationship will end; that’s in flames. Well, maybe a nicer way of saying they hope the relationship goes south.

This guy said that his brother has married his ex-girlfriend and that he has to try to sit there and act like he’s not hoping that it all turns out terrible. I would feel the same way. I would secretly want that relationship to crash and burn and for my sibling to wind up in excruciating heartache.

I know that sounds harsh, but when a sibling crosses that line, they should pay the price! I know you are only supposed to want good things for your family, but obviously, they were there rooting against you to from the beginning.

12. For How Long


I would have to be right there with this woman wondering the same things if my sister married one of my ex’s. This woman stated that, yes, in fact, her sister did end up marrying her ex, but the real question is how long have they been seeing each other for. Was it an affair? How long did they both hook up behind her back? I would really love to know the sister’s answer to this one. Or even the ex’s answer to this one.

Another question I can’t help but to ponder over is how long did they after the breakup before they get married? A woman tends to think that one person she can count on would be her sister, but that is not always the case.

11. It Creeps Me Out


This is slightly sexist, but don’t guys talk about how great or how horrible so-and-so was in bed? Maybe even say, “Yeah, dude, you have to try her.” If that were the case, I wonder why the thought of his brother being with his ex creeps him out a bit. However, based off of this guy’s statement I kind of think that maybe I am wrong.

This guy said that his brother married his ex-girlfriend and that it creeps him out basically knowing that the both of them have done it with this girl. It also kind of makes you wonder about the girl in this same, for her to have been with two brothers. Was it one of those cases where she was with one brother to try to get closer to the other? If not, what is wrong with this picture?

10. A Year Into The Relationship


This is like a double whammy in the betrayal section, maybe even a triple whammy. This poor unsuspecting girl and said that not only did her sister marry her ex-boyfriend, but that she didn’t find out until they were a year into the relationship. If those two are not bad enough, add in the fact that by the time she found out, her sister was already six months pregnant. My guess is that the pregnancy was no longer able to be hidden and that is how this woman found out.

I would be hurt, angry, and feel betrayed if I were to find that all out at one shot. The least they could have done was admit that they were in a relationship together. That may have softened the triple blow a little bit.

9. It Just Feels Wrong


Talk about an all-out awkward situation to be in. This woman has confessed on Whisper, that her twin sister married her ex-boyfriend. They also all live together, and this woman also has her new boyfriend living with them. Is that is not awkward, that I really don’t know what is? Then she said that she still does not know how she feels about this situation. Said that it just feels wrong.

Wrong, awkward, dysfunctional are all a few words that come to mind with this kind of situation. I don’t think I would be able to live with my sister who is not married to my ex, even if we were twins. Twins are supposed to have the ultimate sibling bond, so this just sounds like something really messed up to do to your twin.

8. Can’t Stand Him


Short, simple, and directly to the point. This woman confessed that her sister married her ex-boyfriend and that she cannot stand him. Neither can I, especially after hearing how this man likes to sister hop. I think it is really low of a person to go from my sibling to the other. I guess this man must love being in the family that much. If he couldn’t find what he was looking for with one sister, why not move on to the next?

Or what this another one of those, “I dated you just to get closer to your sister.” kind of scenarios that seem to be pretty popular. Something like this can really drive a wedge in between relationships. It takes guts for a person to sibling hop, I guess.

7. Brother-In-Law


How would this woman explain this one at family reunions? Apparently, this woman confessed on the anonymous social media app Whisper, that her sister married her ex-boyfriend today. The way she explained the family dynamics was that her ex-boyfriend also happens to be her brother-in-law. It’s one thing to say that your ex married your sister, but when you tie in the in-law qualifications and put it just as she has, it just sounds so much worse.

Who’s to say that this ex wouldn’t want to try going back to the sister that he started with either. Obviously, people like this sound very indecisive. When they can’t decide on one sister they run to the other? It really should not work like that. If they don’t like one family member they shouldn’t spread their misery to another; they should just find a new family instead of causing destruction.

6. Bridezilla


If a family member is going to go out of bounds and marry a sibling’s ex, or even another family member’s ex, the least, they could do, would be to pay for their own wedding and everything in it. They shouldn’t use one broken relationships items into their own wedding. Is there some sort of omen for this? Wouldn’t it bring bad luck upon the upcoming nuptials?

This woman said that her step-sister is marrying her ex-fiancé. She said talk about bridezilla because she took the wedding that she was supposed to have for herself. It is either going to be a bad omen or karma that will kill this new relationship in the end.

5. Maid Of Honor


Usually, it is a joyous occasion when they find out that their sister is going to be getting married. A lot of the time, when siblings are close, they will invite each other to be in each other’s wedding parties, and everything is just supposed to happen happily ever after. But what do you when the person your sister, or sibling, is marrying happens to be your ex?

That is the predicament this woman found herself in. Her sister did ask her to be her maid of honor and this woman kindly passed. She said her mother yelled at her for passing on the opportunity. Doesn’t the mom understand that this is she her ex and her sister that they are talking about and not some stranger to the family? Actually, it’s not even just her ex but her ex-fiancé. Boundaries have definitely been crossed!

4. I Am A Girl


A woman confessed to Whisper anonymously that she was in a relationship with another girl that no one else was aware of, and that now her brother is marrying that girl. Even though this is probably devastating and heartbreaking for this woman, we cannot fully blame the brother on this one because he was not even aware this his sister had been in a previous relationship with his now, fiancé.

However, the finance is mostly blamable. She could have left it with one sibling instead of sibling hopping. At the same point, the fiancé’s ex didn’t tell anyone, so there really is no one to blame when things work out this way. If you want people to know that an ex is off-limits, sometimes you just have to try at least to say so. Otherwise, others will never know.

3. Karma Is That You?


Sometimes people really do get what they deserve within due time. This Whisper user confessed that their brother married their ex-boyfriend and that this person’s family had expected them to be okay with that fact. Now, this user’s brother is getting what they deserve because his new husband cheats on him all the time and let himself go, so-to-speak. Then this Whisper user said, “Karma, is that you?” and I would have to agree.

A lot of times people think they can get away with betraying people without any repercussions, and sometimes when Karma comes knocking at your door, those repercussions can come back and bite you in the rear in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes you just have to believe that nature will run its course.

2. Wrong On So Many Levels


Sometimes we witness people doing things that are just beyond questionable and that just are not right, and it’s hard to figure out ways to tell people that you think that what they are doing is wrong. However, just because you offer someone, your opinion does not mean that they are going to change their behavior. When that happens, you just have to let them live their life.

This woman said that her younger sister is involved with their older sister’s ex-husband and that the little sister is even living with the guy. This Whisper user said that she does not know what to say to her younger sister to let her know that what she is doing is wrong on so many levels. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and ask yourself if this is something that really needs to be said. In this case, it may be best to try to nicely ask, “What the hell are you doing?”

1. That Should’ve Been Me


Good old sibling rivalry. It is hard to see someone with the person that you had first. What makes it even harder, and much more complicated, is when you see your ex-fiancé with your own sister. Someone that is supposed to have your back no matter what. In this case, the offending sister stuck a knife deep in this poor girl’s back. To make it even worse of that the offending sister happens to have just gotten engaged with this woman’s ex-fiancé.

It’s not like this girl was in a short-term relationship with her sister’s soon-to-be husband either, they were together for six years! This woman said that she hates seeing them together and that it should have been her instead. What we don’t know is who broke up with who.

Sources: Whisper.sh



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